Student Groups

Student clubs and groups

The Department of Geography sponsors several groups and organizations for students:

  1. The department's alumni Affiliate Program Group (APG), which is an advisory body to the department and a mechanism to connect alumni with each other and with current students, faculty, and staff. 
  2. Undergraduate Department of Geography Students (UnderDoGS), the undergraduate program group.
  3. Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU), the honors society for geography.
  4. Graduate Students of the Department of Geography (GSDOG), the graduate program group.
  5. Supporting Women In Geography (SWIG), an organization for students, faculty, and staff whose mission is to promote the participation of women in geography.
  6. The GIS Coalition offers students majoring, minoring, or sharing an interest in GIS opportunities to develop supplementary kowledge and skills necessary to successd in the professional GIS industry.